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Molds for blowing PET bottles

Meridian-A LLC is a manufacturer of molds for automatic and semi-automatic blow molding machines. The main task of our company is the development and production of molds.
A mold is a special device that is used to produce voluminous blanks from various materials. The PET bottle design can be developed by our designers based on the features of mold manufacturing technology. The main customers of molds are manufacturers of PET containers, packaging and other plastic products. The production of molds is a complex technological process. Each stage of mold production from design documentation to delivery of the finished product products to the customer are strictly controlled, resulting in a high-quality output product.
A PET mold is a special blank required for the production of PET containers. It is the PET press mold that allows you to implement the blow molding method, using which PET packaging is produced in specialized factories. Molds for PET come in various complexity and configurations:
  • You choose a form from the catalog (more than 1500 blanks)
  • Specialists make modifications for individualization
  • You approve the 2D drawing
  • Specialists make a 3D model
  • The mold is made in metal

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