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Molds for PET

Meridian-A LLC is a manufacturer of molds for automatic and semi-automatic blow molding machines. The main task of our company is the development and production of molds.


Production services: CNC turning work of any complexity, CNC milling work, Milling work of any complexity, Grinding, Erosion, Erosion Wire.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are most often used for packaging a wide variety of products, both in industrial enterprises and in everyday life. Today it is impossible to imagine food production without it - many food products are packaged in plastic immediately after production

Plastic molding

Meridian-A LLC provides production services in the field of plastic injection molding. We provide a full range of services from the development of drawings and product models to delivery of finished products to the customer’s warehouse.

About us

Meridian-A LLC was founded in 1996. The main activity of the company is the manufacture of molds, metalworking on machines, plastic injection molding and plastic blowing. Today, Meridian-A LLC carries out a full cycle of serial production of plastic products, including the preparation of design documentation for plastic products, selection of materials for casting plastic products.

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A leading company in the production of molds and metalworking.

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    About us

    ООО «Meridian-A» основана в 1996 году.
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        Plastic containers Tashkent

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